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Matthew German


The initial 12 months post acquisition tend to be the most challenging for a private equity firm – and the portco. Operational and working capital hurdles can put revenue growth at a standstill, quell ROI, and limit enterprise value.

To help PE firms and portcos overcome these obstacles, LSQ has partnered with OneRock Capital to present Preventing the Tug of War: Gaining Financial Operational Efficiency Post Acquisition.

In the session, you will learn:

  • The value of pre-acquisition working capital analysis;
  • How to generate quick working capital wins; and
  • The importance of leveraging strategic partnerships early and often in the process


Lori Sternola

Lori Sternola

Senior VP, Working Capital Solutions - LSQ

Adam Feuer

Adam Feuer

Operating Partner/Chief Procurement Officer - One Rock Capital Partners

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