Help Eco-friendly Suppliers

Drive Sustainability in Your Supply Chain

Customers, investors, and governments expect businesses to play their part and be good global citizens and societal partners in all aspects of their business, including their supply chain. With a financing solutions from LSQ, companies can help promote sustainability and other ESG initiatives across their supplier base.

Help grow environmentally conscious suppliers without adding debt.

Provide affordable financing to SMBs looking to improve ESG practices.

Provide measurable, real action on ESG and sustainability initiatives.

Access working capital to help create a more responsible supplier population.

Supply Chain Finance for ESG

Early payment programs for sustainable supply chains

LSQ’s early payment programs, supply chain finance and dynamic discounting, enable companies to provide more affordable financing rates to suppliers that meet environmental and social goals. You don’t always have control of how your critical suppliers operate, but with early-payment options from LSQ, you can incentivize partners to take on more responsible practices.

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ESG-Focused Invoice Finance

Control cash flow to let your business bloom and grow

For companies that struggle with the working capital to implement sustainability initiatives, invoice finance offers an alternative to traditional lines of credit to help meet those ESG goals. With LSQ, you can receive same-day funding to put your working capital toward being a responsible societal partner.

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Control cash flow to let your business bloom and grow.

Environmental and
Social Governance in
Your Supply Chain

Learn how to build an ESG-focused supply chain and how early-payment programs can help companies meet sustainability goals.

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