Benefits for Procurement

Keep Production Moving

From understanding and mitigating risk to compliance concerns and maintaining positive relationships with suppliers, keeping shipments rolling into your loading docks presents a multitude of problems for procurement departments to solve.

Enter LSQ FastTrack®. With early payments to your suppliers through a supply chain finance or dynamic discounting program, you can effectively monitor supplier health, stay at the top of their preferred buyer lists, and keep your supply chain moving.

Prevent disruption with preferred buyer status

Comprehensive reporting to monitor supplier health

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Early payments for a healthier supply chain

Cost savings with discounting and third-party funding

Supply Chain Management SOLUTIONS

A New, Better Way to Build Resilient and Efficient Supply Chains

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Supply Chain Finance

Offer early payments to your suppliers without impacting your working capital.

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Payments Management

Have LSQ process all supplier payments to automate, digitize and simplify your AP.

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Dynamic Discounting

Use your own funds to offer suppliers early payment in exchange for a discount.

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LSQ Executive Vice President of Channel Management and Strategy Miguel Serricchio was recently named to the Export-Import Bank of the United States (EXIM) Council on Small Business.

Supplier Health

Financial health equals supply chain health

Maintaining a healthy and viable supply chain is critical to the success of any procurement department – and business, for that matter. LSQ’s working capital solutions ensure that your suppliers have access to the affordable funding they need to build and grow along with your business, all without impacting your buying power.

  • Fast access to affordable funding

  • Payment certainty for suppliers

  • Savings to your bottom line

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improve Supplier Relationships

Stay at the top of your suppliers’ lists

Traditionally, suppliers have jockeyed to attain “preferred” status with their buyers. The tightening of supply chains has flipped that dynamic. By offering early payments through LSQ FastTrack, your company can become a preferred buyer and ensure production keeps moving when demand gets high.

  • Fast, predictable, and reliable payments

  • Reduction in DSO = happier suppliers

  • Ease-of-use as well as quick implementation

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Working Capital & Payments Platform Selection Guide

Learn what to look for in a working capital finance solution for your business.

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