Improve Working Capital and Supply Chain Health



No-Compromise Working Capital

Businesses shouldn’t be forced to choose between liquidity and a healthy supply chain. At LSQ, we offer accounts payable finance solutions that mean you don’t have to sacrifice your cash flow to meet your production demands.


Optimize working capital

With LSQ, buyers can leverage third-party funding with a supply chain finance program to maximize their working capital by extending payment terms. Buyers with excess cash, can use the same platform to implement a self-funded dynamic discounting program to provide early payments in exchange for invoice discounts.

  • Third-party funded SCF programs

  • Self-funding dynamic discounting

  • Combine funding sources to meet working capital needs

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Small & Mid-Market Solutions

Serving the entire supply chain

LSQ FastTrack® gives buyers more control of their working capital, supports supplier health, and strengthens supply chains. LSQ is the only working capital platform provider with the ability to work with businesses of all sizes, including small- to mid-market companies that are often overlooked by most programs, to create early-payment options for your entire supplier pool.

  • Serves the entire supplier pool

  • Simple, easy-to-use interface

Strengthen your supply chain

Supply Chain Resiliency

Strengthen your supply chain

Traditionally, working capital has been a zero-sum game: longer payment terms means more liquidity for buyers, but less for suppliers. With LSQ FastTrack, suppliers can access early payments without impacting their buyer’s liquidity, leaving both sides of the supply chain equation with the cash flow they need to grow and thrive.

Affordable Capital

Lower the cost of capital

By offering suppliers early payments in exchange for invoice discounts, buyers can reduce their overall costs. And by taking advantage of the infrastructure and tools FastTrack offers for dynamic discounting, buyers can support seller health while improving their own balance sheet.

Working Capital and Savings Calculator

Calculate your company’s working capital lift and savings by utilizing Supply Chain Finance.

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