Accelerate the Flow of Capital

The way businesses get paid is evolving, but elongated payment terms are not. More and more corporates are optimizing their cash flow at the expense of their supply chain, leaving their suppliers squeezed for cash. LSQ lives at this intersection. We solve working capital problems for companies on both ends of the supply chain.

It's not just about money, it's about opportunity.

B2B Relationships
$20+ Billion
Invoice Financing

Get Invoices Paid Faster

We provide access to working capital against unpaid invoices, accelerating your cash flow. Our intuitive Dashboard displays your customers' invoices and how long they've been unpaid, while our credit engine helps you make decisions about which customers to offer payment terms.

Supply chain finance

Optimize Working Capital

When you're trying to improve your cash conversion cycle, you may consider placing suppliers on extended payment terms. While this has a positive impact on your business, it will negatively impact your suppliers. Supply Chain Finance closes the gap by providing suppliers access to accelerated payment on open invoices.

LSQ’s flexibility and appetite for risk allows us to take on larger customer contracts that we would otherwise turn down.

Nuno Lopes

CEO / Consolidated Staffing Solutions

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