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Explore how to leverage your accounts payable to optimize working capital, reduce costs and strengthen your entire supply chain.

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What is Accounts Payable Management?

Balance Cash Management
and Seller Liquidity

Processing thousands of invoices a month for payment is no easy task. Combine the volume of payments with myriad payment terms and other special considerations – like invoices sold to a third party – and AP becomes beyond daunting. LSQ FastTrack® can help with automation and invoice digitization features that can handle all payments and take the headache out of managing net terms and sorting what check goes where.

Accounts Payable Platform

Streamline Your AP Process

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Supply Chain Finance

Offer early payments to your suppliers without impacting your working capital.

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Have LSQ process all supplier payments to automate, digitize and simplify your AP.

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Offer suppliers payment flexibility and pay for their goods and services beyond their original payment terms.

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Early-Payment Programs

Pay early, pay easy

Through the FastTrack platform, buyers have the ability to provide flexibility to their sellers, while simplifying their AP processes. No longer do your suppliers have to have to wait on check runs or manual invoice processing.

For buyers, our third-party funding programs free up working capital and can handle all payments – early paid or at term – quickly and easily.

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Simplify and modernize your payables process

Paying suppliers can be a time-consuming and complicated process. Suppliers have different net terms, different billing instructions, penalties for late fees and always are following up on payments.

With Total Payments Management, you give suppliers control over when and how they get paid and streamline your payments process by utilizing a single account that LSQ uses to direct payments.

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Outsource accounts payable

Security & Compliance

Keep funds and data secure

Our platform is built and designed to optimize security, privacy and compliance. We’ve set a high standard, and for more than 25 years we’ve earned the trust of our clients and partners by ensuring that their money, data, or investment stays compliant and is never compromised.

  • Top-of-the-line cloud and platform security protocols

  • Annual SOC-1 and SOC-2 financial and security audits

  • Encrypted and TRUSTe privacy certified data

  • Vetted, trained and responsible team members

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Optimize security and compliance

Working Capital & Payments Platform Selection Guide

Learn what to look for in a working capital finance solution for your business.

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