Why Accelerate Invoices?

Don’t Wait on Customer Payments

Sufficient cash flow is the key to keeping businesses productive and financially stable. Unfortunately, many businesses are strapped with long payment terms which limit growth and the ability to take advantage of opportunities. With LSQ’s invoice acceleration solutions, businesses can get the cash they need when they need it, at low costs and without taking on debt.

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Get Paid Faster

Eliminate Net terms and get paid within a few hours of invoice submission or approval.

Improve Balance Sheet

Our solutions are debt-free, improve your cash flow and optimize your working capital.

Access Opportunities

No longer miss out on business opportunities that require extended payment terms.

Invoice Finance

Get up to 90% of an invoice paid upfront

Upload your unpaid invoices and get an advance on your payment. When the invoice matures we will collect from your customer.

  • Same-day funding and low financing costs

  • High credit limits and advance rates

  • Outsource invoice collections

Early Payment Programs

Low cost, instant and automated payments

Suppliers participating in supply chain finance programs get a use-as-needed and low cost early payment solution.

  • Click-to-select invoices for early payment

  • Automate or set payments to new terms

  • Flexible same-day ACH payments

Invoice Collections

Optimize time-to-payment

LSQ can automate and optimize your accounts receivable and invoice collections processes so you can get paid earlier for all invoices. On average, our customers report a 7 day improvement of their days sales outstanding so you can utilize money owed to you faster.

Supplier utilization and enrollment

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