Data-Driven Underwriting

Stay Ahead of the Curve

For over 25 years, LSQ has stayed at the leading edge of credit risk management. Our cache of proprietary transactional, payment and firmographic data combined with insights from leading credit bureaus enable us to identify early warning signs of financial distress. Deploying our own funds for invoice financing and supply chain finance gives us a stake in ensuring our customers, and their credit risk, are professionally managed.

Automated credit and invoice verification tools

Extensive cache of proprietary client and transaction data

Experienced data science, credit and underwriting teams

Flexible sources of funding including our balance sheet

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Evaluate current and prospective customers

LSQ’s credit engine uses in-house and third party data to make instantaneous credit decisions about your customers with our credit-decisioning engine. Based on our credit limits, you can understand the credit-worthiness of current and potential customers to help you reduce risks.

  • Instant credit decisions on current and prospective customers

  • Assess the creditworthiness of customers with credit lines

  • Request credit line increases from within LSQ FastTrack
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Credit & Fraud Monitoring

Stay informed of your customer’s financial health

Our credit, data and account management teams are always keeping an eye out for changes in credit worthiness, suspicious payment behaviors and signs of fraud. Our technology automatically can verify the legitimacy of most invoices, but we aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty and verify invoices manually to reduce errors and confirm the delivery of goods and services.

Stay informed of your customer's financial health

Guide to Navigating Customer Credit

How to mitigate risk and avoid financial distress with your customers.

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