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Explore how to unlock cash trapped in your unpaid invoices, make smart decisions on customers and automate invoice collections.

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Efficient Accounts Receivable Management

Improve Cash Flow and Decision Making

From invoicing to collecting, there is never a lack of work for an accounts receivables department. And the stakes of getting any of them wrong are high: errors, delays, or customer credit issues can put a serious crunch on a company’s working capital.

At LSQ, we understand the struggle and can help. LSQ FastTrack® digitizes and error-checks invoices and provides invoice financing and collections, all while assessing and monitoring the credit of your customers. Our solutions help improve your balance sheet, credit rating, cash flow, and customer relationships.

Accounts Receivable Platform

Accelerate and Manage Receivables

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Invoice Finance

Set your Net-terms and access cash on-demand by receiving an advance on open invoices.

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Collections Management

Automate and streamline your payment collections to reduce errors and improve DSO.

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Customer Credit

Access credit assessments on prospects and customers to uncover opportunity and reduce risk.

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IMprove Cash Flow

Unlock cash trapped in unpaid receivables

Accounts receivable finance, or invoice finance, helps businesses take control of their cash flow by eliminating net payment terms. Get up to a 90-percent advance on unpaid invoices so you can put that money to work to buy inventory, invest, or pay routine expenses.

  • Open to most industries and business types

  • Up to 90-percent advance rates with low fees

  • Access to credit insights, collections, and more

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Improve Efficiency

Streamline collections and manage customer credit

Optimizing cash flow isn’t just about accelerating payments. By streamlining your collections process and making smart decisions about which customers to work with, you can reduce billing errors, avoid risky clients, and discover untapped opportunities.

  • Improve DSO with streamlined collections

  • Customer credit assessments and monitoring

  • Digitize invoices and verify delivery of goods and services

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Learn about Customer Credit
Streamline collections and manage customer credit

Security & Compliance

Keep funds and data secure

Our platform is built and designed to maximize security, privacy, and internal and regulatory compliance. We’ve set a high standard, and for more than 25 years, we’ve earned the trust of our clients and partners by ensuring their money, data, and investments are never compromised.

  • Top-of-the-line cloud and platform security protocols

  • Annual SOC-1 and SOC-2 financial and security audits

  • Encrypted and TRUSTe privacy certified data

  • Vetted, trained and responsible team members

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Optimize security and compliance

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