Evaluate your customers

LSQ FastTrack®’s credit engine uses in-house and third-party data to make instantaneous credit decisions about your customers.

Credit decisioning engine

Generate unlimited, instant credit assessments of new, potential, or existing customers, providing a more accurate assessment of their financial viability and counter-party risk.

Continuous credit monitoring

When the financial condition of your customers changes, we keep you informed. We monitor the major credit bureaus and our own payment data to look for changes in behavior that may indicate financial issues with your customers.

Customer credit
Customer and supplier credit management


Request and manage credit

LSQ FastTrack provides businesses with spend and working capital insights that help you optimize your cash conversion cycle, identify opportunities, and minimize risks.

Customer credit management

LSQ offers the largest invoice financing credit limits in the industry. Our platform will automatically determine credit limits for your current and prospective customers. Need more credit? You can request credit limit increases directly within LSQ FastTrack.

Supplier credit management

Supply chain finance provides suppliers with affordable on-demand payments by leveraging the buyer’s credit rating. We’ll conduct a supplier credit analysis to structure and maximize adoption of your program. This solution can help reduce or eliminate the need for trade credit insurance.

Customer Credit Benefits

Get the Full Picture of Supplier and Customer Health

Credit Risk Management Icon

Reduce Credit Risk

Reduce your exposure to fraud and negative changes to your customers’ credit.

Make Better Decisions

Get a grasp on your prospective customers’ financial health and ability to pay for your services.

Scale Smarter

Request customer credit limits as you grow. We provide the largest credit facilities in invoice finance.

Credit Data

We process millions of invoices and billions in payments across thousands of businesses every year to make informed, real-time credit decisions about your customers.

Transactional Data

invoice date, invoice amount, payor, collection date, collection amount

Financial Data

income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement

Firmographic Data

name, location, size, industry

Third-party Data

Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, ZoomInfo

Guide to Navigating Customer Credit

How to mitigate risk and avoid financial distress with your customers.

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