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Our Approach to Referrals

We spent years searching for ways to get referrals (and not be annoying) and landed on a novel approach: perhaps we just ask…

Whether you know someone in need of working capital or had a great experience with LSQ (and want to tell others), we are humbled to be considered and believe referrals are earned by delivering a delightful experience to our clients and partners.

In any competitive market, new opportunities are hard to find, and we believe providing incentives for referrals and sharing success is good business.

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Partnerships Opportunities

A partnership with LSQ will provide your clients and prospects with transparent, cost-effective access to capital. But it doesn’t end there. We believe partnerships should be a two-way street, with value delivered in both directions. This is not just what you can do for us. Our clients have broader needs that we cannot always meet, and we bring more value by connecting them with our partners who can address those needs. We are always in the market for partnerships with complementary capital providers.

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