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LSQ FastTrack® is the most comprehensive working capital finance and payments platform available. If that’s not enough, we partner with leading technology-solution providers to put working capital access closer to the tools your business already uses.

Easing access to working capital with embedded finance

Embedded finance

Easing access to working capital

Embedded finance has been part of our business since inception. From providing credit monitoring and lending, to offering total payments management for our accounts receivable customers, LSQ is leading the way in when it comes to simplifying cash flow management.

  • Early-payment options in your existing solutions

  • Integrations to make accounting simpler

  • Request credit line increases from within FastTrack

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Reducing friction for buyers and suppliers

Embedded finance partnerships have become a natural extension for LSQ to further reduce friction for buyers and suppliers and allow them to better optimize their working capital. These partnerships revolutionize payments and lending, and simplify the processes that help companies prosper and grow.

AP Automation

Seamlessly embeds a buy-now-pay-based working capital and cash management solution with minimal training for buyers or sellers.

AR Automation

Allows sellers to get paid faster, directly from their automation platform with immediate posting and reconciliation to their accounting system.

Billing & Payments

Enables suppliers to request early payments on invoices from the platform they use to bill and manage other aspects of their business.

B2B Marketplaces

Integrates into the marketplace and serves as the credit and risk management platform utilizing LSQ’s 25 years of proprietary data.

LSQ & CounselLink®

Optimizing working capital and reducing legal spend

CounselLink FastTrack® is an innovative embedded finance partnership between LSQ and LexisNexis® that allows companies to help their law firms get paid faster by deploying third-party funding while preserving their own working capital – all directly from a platform the law firms already use. Enterprises of all sizes can easily manage cash flow through an intelligent, end-to-end platform that provides on-demand access to working capital and seamless management of invoices and payments. FastTrack enables faster, more transparent decision-making, payment certainty, and risk mitigation.

Leveraging data and credit insights, CounselLink transforms the user experience and enables buyers to balance cash management and law firm liquidity.

  • Reduce legal costs

  • No traditional banking review

  • Preserve law firm diversity

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Optimizing working capital and reducing legal spend
Automating accounts payable and working capital

LSQ & esker

Automating accounts payable and working capital

Exclusively for Esker Pay customers, our strategic partnership enables buyers to seamlessly integrate supply chain financing and dynamic discounting into the Esker Pay Solution Suite. The LSQ FastTrack extension expands the capabilities of Esker Pay to help your business optimize cash flow and deliver on-demand supplier early payments – all within one platform.

Intended for buyers seeking to improve their cash-conversion cycle by extending payment terms to their suppliers, LSQ FastTrack is designed for rapid implementation, to meet the working capital needs of any business and improve the supplier payment experience.

  • Improve liquidity and increase cash flow

  • Automate supplier payments and reduce risk

  • Payment certainty and control

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