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Maximize Working Capital and Minimize Risk

Optimizing working capital while mitigating risk is more important than ever. LSQ has 25 years experience helping companies like yours make the most of their working capital while mitigating whatever financial risks may come – all in our simple and ease-to-use platform, LSQ FastTrack®.

Automated credit and invoice verification tools

Extensive cache of proprietary client and transaction data

Experienced data science, credit and underwriting teams

Flexible sources of funding including our balance sheet


Treasury and Cash Management Solutions

Supply Chain Finance Icon

Supply Chain Finance

Offer early payments to your suppliers without impacting your working capital.

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Dynamic Discounting Icon

Dynamic Discounting

Use your own funds to offer suppliers early payment in exchange for a discount.

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Invoice Finance

Set your Net-terms and access cash on-demand by receiving an advance on open invoices.

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strategic working capital solutions

Working capital that works smarter

Maximizing your liquidity is a delicate balancing act between managing working capital, shortening your cash conversion cycle, and mitigating risk. At LSQ, we are experts in building solutions that help companies make the most of their cash flow through comprehensive financing and management programs and credit analysis. No matter your position or needs, LSQ can help meet your strategic working capital goals.

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RISK Monitoring

Mitigate risk with better data

What gets measured, gets done – or fixed – and LSQ provides you with the data to get things done. With real-time reporting on important metrics, like credit usage and utilization, LSQ gives you the tools to help you make the most of your early-payment program and fully maximize your working capital.

  • Working capital reports

  • Supplier credit, utilization, and payment insights

  • Early payment program, DSO, and DPO benchmarking

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Mitigate risk with better data
Affordable capital is not out of reach

lower capital cost

Affordable capital is not out of reach

By offering suppliers early-payment options for a discount, businesses can reduce their overall cost of capital. And by taking advantage of the infrastructure and tools FastTrack offers for dynamic discounting and supply chain finance, businesses can support supplier health without affecting their own balance sheet.

  • Access third-partying funding

  • Offer early-payment discounts

  • Extend DPO for better liquidity

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Working Capital and Savings Calculator

Calculate your company’s working capital lift and savings by utilizing Supply Chain Finance.

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