Working Capital Insights

Make data-backed decisions

LSQ FastTrack® provides businesses with spend and working capital insights that help you optimize your cash conversion cycle, identify opportunities and minimize risks.

Standardize DSO and DPO

Get a handle on the different Net terms of your accounts payable and receivable, benchmark against industry standards, and see your net working capital lift over time.

Identify payment trends

Monitor customers payment behaviors to spot potential risks, identify slow payers, late payments, discounted invoices and more.

Monitor supplier engagement

Keep an eye on supplier adoption and utilization of your supply chain finance program. Understand spend volume, supplier concentration, and which suppliers need capital the most.

Insights dashboard
Understand your customers


Understand your customers

LSQ’s credit engine uses in-house and third party data to make instantaneous credit decisions about your customers. Based on our credit limits, you can understand the credit-worthiness of current and potential customers to help you reduce risks.

  • Instant credit decisions on current and prospective customers

  • Real-time credit and fraud monitoring

  • Assess the creditworthiness of customers with credit lines

  • Request credit line increases from within FastTrack

Learn more about Customer Credit


Get a 360-degree view of your cash flow

Our dashboards and reports provide a real-time, transparent overview of your accounts payable and receivable. Dive into the details with in-line reporting, useful help text, fee overviews, and filtering by date, customer, or by business units.

Buyers get access to additional dashboards to monitor the success and utilization of their early payment programs.

  • Invoice aging, collections, and working capital reports

  • Real-time data on purchases, collections, and fundings
  • Payment reconciliations and customer check images
  • Easy to read dashboards that surface important data

LSQ’s buyer dashboard with working capital, payment & spend insights to help you manage & analyze program success – diagram.

Extensive Data Lake

A byproduct of invoice and supply chain finance is the breadth of proprietary invoice data that augments the value of most third-party and standalone financial statement data.

Transactional Data

invoice date, invoice amount, payor, collection date, collection amount

Financial Data

income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement

Firmographic Data

name, location, size, industry

Third-party Data

Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, ZoomInfo

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