What is FlexTerm?

Give Yourself and Suppliers Payment Flexibility

FlexTerm lets businesses pay for goods and services from suppliers beyond their original due date without working capital impacts or supplier payment terms extensions. Suppliers can be paid on their original terms or can elect to receive early payment.

Payment Flexibility

Pay for goods and services on terms that work for your business, potentially doubling set Net terms.

Reduce Risk

Build a more resilient supply chain by ensuring suppliers are paid early and always on time.

Strengthen Relationships

Keep suppliers happy by not extending terms and offering early payments to improve cash flow.

How FlexTerm Works

Unparalleled Net Terms Flexibility

For supplier payments, FlexTerm works similar to supply chain finance, except instead of passing along a payment terms extension to your suppliers LSQ offers you a payment terms extension on credit. LSQ pays your suppliers early (as soon as the invoice is approved) or on their original Net terms and you pay LSQ at anytime during your payment terms extension window.

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