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Andy Cagle


Macroeconomic events fueled by the pandemic and geopolitical instability have increased pressure on today’s Treasury departments. The current landscape has created cross winds and cross currents that require Treasurers to think about many more factors all at once, and employ multiple levers to help keep their business growing.

Join LSQ’s Vikas Shah (Chief Revenue Officer), Strategic Treasurer’s Craig Jeffery (Managing Partner), and Fluor’s Todd Yoder (Managing Director) to learn more about the concerns and issues facing treasury today.

Highlights from this webinar include:

  • How the current macroeconomic environment is impacting Treasurers and CFOs today
  • How recent crises have affected payments
  • How forecasting is changing for Treasury
  • How Treasury is looking to invest in the current market
  • Credit expectations for balance of power in lending

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Featured Speakers

Vikas Shah, Chief Revenue Officer — LSQ
Craig Jeffery, Managing Partner — Strategic Treasurer
Todd Yoder, Managing Director, Global Finance and Treasury — Fluor

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