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Andy Cagle


COVID-19 has created economic volatility for many companies, especially small business, who face liquidity challenges and potential business bankruptcies and defaults. You’ve been tasked with a mandate from your C-suite to find a way to offer early pay finance to ALL suppliers and create a “win/win” with your supply base. Most companies do not start from scratch, but have a current baseline of solutions and legacy issues that impact this decision.

Your organization has now put a cross-functional team together to come up with ideas to improve working capital across your supplier ecosystem.  How do you approach this so management is confident proper due diligence was done? Join David Gustin, of Global Business Intelligence, and the supply chain experts from LSQ to devise a working capital mandate for your supply chain.

Highlights from this webinar include:

  • How to assess your current constraints and legacy environment to choose the right solutions.
  • How to evaluate your addressable spend and possible early payment options for suppliers.
  • The key strategic considerations you need to get right from the beginning.
  • How to get to a decision on a solution or approach and set management expectations.
  • A walkthrough of a case study of how a business decided on LSQ’s working capital solution.

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Featured Speakers

David Gustin, President — Global Business Intelligence
Vikas Shah, EVP Supply Chain Finance — LSQ
Amarish Kapadia, SVP Sales – Supply Chain Finance — LSQ

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