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Renee Jackson


Referrals are the lifeblood of our accounts receivable (AR) finance business and we have been successfully helping clients meet their working capital needs with the help of introductions from bankers and brokers for almost three decades.

And we take pride in the trust we’ve built in the finance industry by carefully nurturing the relationships referred to us by our colleagues. It’s also rewarding in the fact that this is a mutually beneficial partnership between LSQ and our referrers. LSQ adds to our portfolio if we can help the referred client and bankers and brokers can benefit in various ways by referring clients to LSQ:

Strengthened Client Relationships

By presenting an LSQ AR finance option, bankers and brokers can enhance their value proposition to their clients. Referring clients to alternative financing options that meet their cash-flow needs builds trust and strengthens the relationship between the financial professional and the client.

By offering LSQ financing options as part of their service portfolio, bankers and brokers can differentiate themselves from competitors. This unique offering sets them apart and may also attract new clients seeking comprehensive financial solutions.

LSQ provides valuable financial solutions when banks or other financial institutions don’t have the appetite to support a business’s funding needs. We have seen this destroy long-standing relationships. By offering a solution that meets the client’s current needs, you have created a satisfied customer. For bankers, that means that, even if you can’t provide for their funding needs now, you can retain their deposits and provide financing when circumstances change. For brokers, satisfied clients are more likely to stay with you, reducing client attrition and enhancing satisfaction rates.

Access to Specialized Financing

LSQ has been serving companies across a variety of industries for our entire history. This means we know a variety of industries well and understand their unique needs. By referring clients to LSQ, bankers and brokers ensure their clients receive financing tailored to their industry needs. Additionally, through the referral process and the relationship built with the LSQ team, bankers and brokers have the opportunity to learn more about alternative options to serve their clients with a trusted portfolio lender.

We are seeing a difficult lending environment right now. Banks are tightening their credit boxes and brokers have fewer opportunities to match their clients with funding sources. In this climate, the financing options that LSQ offer are more valuable than ever. That makes it a great time to connect with our team to see how we can help your clients meet their working capital needs or learn more about LSQ’s referral program

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