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After months of development, we are excited to announce our new look and website, both of which reflect our evolving identity as a company. We want to give you insight into our brand development process and provide context for the changes.

A new direction

LSQ has evolved into a financial and technological leader at the intersection of buyer and seller payments. We integrate a simple, straightforward online application with an innovative credit-decisioning engine and a user-friendly dashboard to meet the daily needs of our clients. These product updates moved us forward, but without a fresh, innovative design to match, our brand felt stuck in the past. We did not want to decouple design from the client experience. So in 2019, LSQ invested in a design team to elevate our brand and product designs.

A fresh, sophisticated look and feel

The new LSQ brand is sophisticated, commercial but still playful. Across our site and products, you’ll notice new fonts, colors, imagery (like photography and illustrations), and a new voice. We’ve worked hard to weave the brand into all aspects of our business – resulting in a unified, cohesive experience for our clients. Here is what has changed:


Our first inclination was to find a font that provided a sense of professionalism and insight missing in our former brand. We believe we found that utilizing a serif as our primary font. IBM’s Plex Serif was the right font to accomplish this look. While we used a tech-traditional sans-serif in our main content areas utilizing the font Muli, which blends fin-tech personality with great versatility.


We elected for a darker palette that we believe appeals to a broader range of customers (Enterprises and SMBs). Our new colors also allow us to distinguish between our invoice financing and supply chain finance products. While the darker tones improve readability and usability of our products.


We were selective with imagery, focusing more on high-impact photos that provide a strong sense of movement and far reaching scope. We wanted to show that LSQ is able to serve a broad range of industries globally.

LSQ AR and AP Solution Flywheel


The first thing you’ll notice is the new aesthetic of Gone are bright colors and the overly-simple structure. The new look of the site incorporates our new brand colors – Green and Royal, to distinguish our two main products: Invoice Financing and Supply Chain Finance. We utilize fully-lit, high-end photography throughout and have built a mega-menu for you to easily access the information you’re searching for.


As a client, you’ll notice the LSQ Dashboard maintains the same functionality as before but has been revamped to incorporate our new fonts and colors. It is brighter and cleaner than the former look, helping important information stand out and make reading reports easier.

LSQ Dashboard Home Screen

We hope you like the new look and encourage you to explore the new website and updated Dashboard. Throughout the year we will continue to make updates that will bring our vision to life… so stay tuned!


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