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ORLANDO, Fla., Jan. 23, 2020 — LSQ, the largest independent invoice financing provider, has launched its supply chain finance platform, LSQ FastTrack, for companies of all sizes. This platform gives buyers the means to both optimize their working capital and provide their suppliers with on-demand funding of invoices. It is the first supply chain finance platform built to serve not just the very largest buyers and suppliers but also smaller companies.

“This new offering builds upon capabilities LSQ developed over two decades of funding invoices for smaller suppliers,” said Dan Ambrico, CEO of LSQ. “We bridge the payment terms that buyers demand of their suppliers and deeply understand the capital crunch suppliers otherwise experience. Existing supply chain finance programs address the mega suppliers and buyers who already have access to capital. LSQ FastTrack makes supply chain finance available to the unserved mid-market and smaller suppliers.”

LSQ FastTrack allows suppliers to request funding on open invoices. LSQ pays the supplier on behalf of their customer, allowing the customer to maintain its payment terms to optimize working capital without negatively impacting suppliers. The supplier experience is intuitive, and the pricing is straightforward and transparent.

Ambrico added, “With today’s announcement, LSQ makes it easy for buyers to implement a customized supply chain finance program: we structure the program, handle supplier onboarding and provide the capital — all within weeks. We don’t require changes to invoice submission, approval, or payment processes, and we can provide a custom supplier portal that integrates with any billing platform.”

Over the past 20 years, LSQ has funded more than $25 billion of invoices. Insights gained through that experience have enabled LSQ to deploy technologies that make it possible to quickly review, evaluate, approve, and fund customers, providing on-demand access to capital.

More information on LSQ FastTrack is available at

About LSQ
LSQ helps businesses better manage their cash flow to make the most of whatever they’ve earned. Offering invoice financing and supply chain finance solutions, LSQ provides clients with a simple, secure, and honest funding experience. LSQ blends human insights with the analytical power of technology to develop products that give customers the means to accelerate the flow of business. LSQ, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, has helped 1,000s of companies access $25 billion in its 20+ years in business. Learn more about our solutions at

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