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Andy Cagle


Around here, we talk a lot about maximizing working capital and boosting liquidity; it’s kind of our thing. But sometimes, what those terms mean in real numbers can be hard to calculate. And without those numbers, it’s hard to figure out if an early-payment program for your suppliers is worth it for you and your suppliers. 

And where does that leave your company? In the same cash crunch as usual with unhappy suppliers on onerous terms and a supply chain at risk.

But LSQ is here to help you get started. We just launched our Working Capital and Cost Savings Calculator. Designed for simplicity, this one-of-a-kind tool can quickly give you an estimate of your liquidity improvement and the cost savings of a supply chain finance program with LSQ. The calculator is based on your company’s:

  • Industry sector,
  • Number of suppliers,
  • Annual AP spend,
  • Current DPO, and
  • Desired DPO.

lsq working capital calculatorWith those inputs, we put our 25 years of experience serving the working capital needs of companies of all sizes to work. Beyond a quick snapshot, the LSQ Working Capital Capital and Cost Savings Calculator generates an in-depth report that dives into your data and provides recommendations on how to make the most of your cash. 

As valuable as the calculator is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg for the work that LSQ can do to help you better understand the working capital opportunities that your company can take advantage of. In your report, there are examples of the analysis we have done for companies to help them improve their cash flow and AP procedures; analysis that is available for your business.

Get started today by visiting the calculator and registering for your free customized report.

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