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At 19, Melissa McGuire made a decision to serve a greater purpose than herself and joined the United States Air Force.

“It’s always been important to me to have a job that is in service to others and I can be passionate about,” said Melissa. “That’s what led me to the Air Force and that’s what keeps me at LSQ.”

After leaving the Air Force in 1997, Melissa spent time in consumer and commercial banking. “It was very gratifying to help first-time buyers get into new homes,” she said. But the 2008 financial crisis came and she found herself looking for a new job. “I was very comfortable working in the finance industry,” she said, “and in 2009, a long-time friend of mine, who worked here, told me to take a look at LSQ.”

air force veteran finds purpose at lsq

She started at LSQ that year as a portfolio manager helping accounts receivable finance clients, a role she stayed in for three years. She left the company in 2012 to pursue her bachelor’s degree at Rollins College (she previously held an associate’s degree) and returned in 2014 as a member of the accounts receivable finance sales team. When LSQ launched its supply chain finance solution, Melissa transitioned to that side of the business as a sales development representative and in April of this year, she became the Director of Supply Chain Finance focusing on direct sales to mid-market companies.

“I believe in the work we are doing helping businesses grow and thrive,” Melissa said. “I enjoy talking to people and helping them find solutions that make a difference for them as people and for their organizations.”

With her longevity at LSQ, Melissa has had the perspective to see customers go from burgeoning businesses to large, successful enterprises; something that gives her great satisfaction.

“Having been here for 11 years in what I like to call my first and second tours of duty,” she said, “it’s been a joy to watch the evolution of our clients. I feel like I have been a partner in their success and I take pride in that.”

air force veteran finds home at LSQ

A self-styled “water girl,” Melissa loves the beach and spending time with her family when not working.

One of the other points of pride for Melissa in each of her roles specifically has been the ability to help other veterans find the funding they need to build businesses after their time in service.

“Veterans face unique challenges when they separate from the armed forces,” she said. “It’s especially true when they are trying to start and grow a business. So it’s really important that we do as much as we can to deliver solutions for veterans and for any other groups with banking challenges.”

Melissa says as long as she has the opportunity to serve her clients, their businesses, and their suppliers, she will stay at LSQ. For her, it’s the right culture that allows her to do good and grow personally and professionally.

“It’s been a cool ride and I enjoy that LSQ really tries hard to do right by their employees and right by their clients,” she said. “I’ve worked for a lot of big companies in the financial services space and I’ve left jobs where I felt like the grass was greener on the other side, only to find out that it’s not.

“I’ve always said to myself, ‘the day I land somewhere where I’m serving, learning, growing, and I’m not just a number, I’m going to stay.’”

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