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After more than 15 years in the insurance and traditional banking industries, Jessica Ortiz needed a change.

“Some workplaces can be stifling and really shake your confidence,” Brooklyn-native Jessica said. “There is still some PTSD from some of those experiences. There was never any ownership and everything that didn’t go right was the end of the world.”

Two-and-a-half years ago, this desire for change and the chance to own her work, landed her at LSQ. Her first role when she came on board in 2019 was Regional Business Consultant, an inside sales position that allowed her to take control of her own work and network with other bankers and brokers across the U.S. Due to the COVID pandemic, she moved to a position within the operations team in 2020. Earlier this year, Jessica joined the supply chain finance supplier success team where she helps onboard buyers and sellers onto the LSQ FastTrack® working capital platform.

Collaborating for Success

“What I like about this position is that I get to work with a team and with a lot of different departments,” she said. “In sales you are on your own island, now I get the chance to work with teams across the company. I work closely with product, implementation, and closely with the leadership team.

“It’s (LSQ) laid back, but yet professional, and everybody’s super friendly. Across the board, everyone is willing to help learn and teach, there are no attitudes, and people are willing to explain something, even if it sounds familiar to them.”

Owning Her Work

According to Jessica, one of the most rewarding things about her role is being able to have ownership of her projects and see her ideas through to fruition.

working at LSQ

“When I’m given a project and am able to take ownership and be creative, it makes me obviously nervous, but it pushes me out of my comfort zone and helps me grow professionally,” she said. “There isn’t micromanaging; it was just people saying, ‘I’m here if you have questions or need help,’ which is great.”

Feeding Her Passion

When not working, Jessica’s creative outlet and passion is cooking. Last November, she began food blogging and started an Instagram account, Delicious Dishes with Jess, to document her culinary adventures. “COVID was a stressful time for everyone and creating videos of meals that anyone can make gave me an outlet during such a hard time. 

“My favorite is Italian food,” she said. “In Brooklyn, I grew up in an Italian area. Even though my family’s from Puerto Rico and I do know how to cook Puerto Rican cuisines, my go-to recipes are Italian. My favorite dish that my Godmother, who was born and raised in Naples, Italy, would make for me as a kid was pasta with cauliflower. It was such an authentic dish that even she was surprised a 7-year-old loved it so much.”

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