What is net terms management?

Optimize net terms to grow your business

As part of a larger accounts receivable and accounts payable management programs, LSQ helps businesses manage their net terms to best optimize their working capital while maintaining positive working relationships with their customers and/or suppliers and healthy supply chains.

Automated credit and invoice verification tools

Extensive cache of proprietary client and transaction data

Experienced data science, credit and underwriting teams

Flexible sources of funding including our balance sheet

Why Choose LSQ?

One platform to reduce DSO and extend DPO

LSQ FastTrack is the only platform that offers end-to-end Net terms management so you can fully control the timing of your accounts payable and receivable. By properly managing net terms, companies can improve their days payable and days sales outstanding which unlocks working capital, optimizes cash flow and strengthens supply chains..

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Dictate your own terms with our tools

Supplier Net Terms

Offer win-win payment terms

With LSQ’s accounts payable finance and management platform, companies can extend their payment terms to meet their working capital needs without negatively impacting suppliers. Not only do we identify the best terms for your business, but we can help you realize those terms and manage your payments through our intuitive, easy-to-use platform

  • Extend or change supplier payment terms

  • Total payments automation and management

  • Generate cost savings through flexible Net terms

AP Management Solutions
Outsource accounts payable

Customer Net Terms

Choose when to get paid

Your working capital needs change. Sometimes, you need the cash quickly to meet your operational requirements; other times 30-, 60-,or even 90-day terms work for your business. With LSQ’s working capital platform you can access the cash trapped in your invoices whenever you need it from a single, easy-to-use interface. With FastTrack, the possibilities are endless for how you manage your working capital.

  • On-demand, same-day payments

  • Set and automate your own Net terms

  • Eliminate payment uncertainty

AR Management Solutions

LSQ’s Data-Driven Approach

Uncover the right Net terms

LSQ helps businesses understand the current state of their customer and supplier Net terms and where they stand in relation to industry benchmarks. We evaluate your invoicing and payment practices, and suggest areas where you can see improvement through better terms management or process automation. Our data helps you understand which suppliers could benefit the most from an early-payment program to mitigate risk to their business and boost their liquidity.

  • Industry benchmarking

  • Identification of fragmented terms

  • Recommendations for terms standardization

Let customers set their own payment terms

Understanding The Value of Effective Net Terms Management

Discover how effectively managing Net payment terms and discounting can boost working capital and maintain a healthy supply chain.

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