Whats is Embedded Finance?

Expand Access to Capital and Credit

Embedded finance expands how businesses offer payments and financial services by integrating directly within B2B applications, platforms and marketplaces. Businesses can improve stickiness and enhance their tools by providing users with real-time credit tools and the ability to decide when they pay and get paid for products and services.

Affordable capital is not out of reach

Billing and Payments

Offer flexible early payments

LSQ FastTrack can be embedded in a range of applications and tools to offer flexible payment options to suppliers. Suppliers can accelerate their payables or schedule them to Net terms that they decide. Offering flexible payment solutions inside of your existing platform can enhance utilization and customer satisfaction.

  • Quick and easy access to payments

  • Utilizes familiarity with existing software

  • No cumbersome IT implementation

Marketplace Net Payments

Let customers set their own payment terms

LSQ integrates into the marketplaces where B2B transactions are taking place and serves as the funding and data, credit, and risk management platform behind the scenes. With 25-plus years of transactional and credit data, LSQ provides marketplace businesses real-time customer credit and flexible Net payment terms at checkout to capitalize on customer needs.

  • Provide Net terms billing options to customers

  • Let users change their existing Net terms

  • Customized to fit the needs of your platform

Let customers set their own payment terms

White Labeling

Expand financial offerings

Our Accounts Receivable Management platform can be easily white-labled to offer invoice finance and B2B credit management to banks and other financial institutions. Invoice finance is a valuable solution to nurture the balance sheet and credit of companies so that they can become eligible for a traditional line of credit.

  • White-label invoice finance and credit tools

  • Maintain deposit accounts and expand financial offerings

  • Easy and low-tech integrations with your platform

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