Liquidity Solutions For Private Equity-owned Portfolio Companies

Leverage your accounts payable or accounts receivable to generate working capital without adding debt to your balance sheet.

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How Does LSQ Help in Value Creation?

While every portfolio company is unique, there is one constant: the need for working capital to enhance enterprise value.

That’s why LSQ provides portfolio companies of all sizes with easy-to-use solutions for their cash-flow needs through LSQ FastTrack. By offering a myriad financing options, we can tailor a program that fits any business – from lower mid-market to enterprise.

LSQ’s unique offerings help portfolio companies increase value through

Working Capital

Improve cash conversion cycle and financials without adding leverage.
Time-To-Value Icon

Time to Value

Working capital with 4 week launch and no IT resources required.

Cost Savings

Operational cost savings to reduce overhead + credit risk insights to monitor supply chain.


Control When You Pay and Get Paid

With a supply chain finance program through LSQ, portfolio companies tap into third-party funding to extend their days payable outstanding, while suppliers gain on-demand access to payments to keep their business moving forward.

With our invoice finance solutions, LSQ provides PE-sponsored companies with the flexibility of when to get paid and control of costs, dramatically cutting their days sales outstanding and keeping their businesses growing – no matter the payment terms.

Case Studies & Articles

The Value Creation Story

  • time cost of money

    May 13, 2024

  • May 9, 2024

  • LSQ Creates $2MM in Invoice Finance Facilities for N.Y.-based Software Companies

    May 6, 2024


Private Equity PortCos: Working Capital Opportunities & Partnerships

In this webinar featuring Adam Cummins, Principal, Portfolio Procurement at The Carlyle Group, you will learn:

  • What opportunities were available to a large private equity firm when they looked at the current state of their supply chain and working capital position coming out of the pandemic.

  • What finance and technology levers they used to take advantage of those opportunities.

  • How they chose a partner to help them achieve their ambitious goals.

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