Our Mission

Everything we do is about streamlining working capital for businesses.

LSQ was founded in 1996 to fill a gap in traditional bank financing. Ever since, we have approached invoice financing with a client-first mentality emphasizing transparency, convenience, and accessibility to capital. LSQ has since grown into the leader in working capital solutions, funding over $25 billion to businesses across the country.

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Here at LSQ, we value:

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We value people who are not content simply doing their job. They want to peel the onion. To think about what will make us successful a year from now (and beyond) and help get us there.

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Every role at LSQ has a unique set of challenges. Our clients also face challenges. Our ability to understand these challenges and act with empathy is at the heart of our success as a company.

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Passion and perseverance are crucial to overcoming obstacles and sustaining success at LSQ.

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We put up a quote in the office that says: “Do you want to Rise? Begin by Descending.” This is a strong reflection of our culture. The team is more important than the individual.

Over $25 Billion in Funding Delivered Across the U.S.


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$17 Billion

Est. 1996
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$25+ Billion
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Executive Team

Max Eliscu

Founder & Chairman

Over its 25 year history, Max has transformed LSQ into one of the nation’s largest privately-held alternative financing firms. His passion for bringing simplicity and transparency to everyday business drives LSQ’s mission.

Dan Ambrico

Chief Executive Officer

Dan is the CEO of LSQ. Before being named CEO, Dan served as President, where he was responsible for day-to-day operations in addition to developing and executing strategic initiatives across the organization.

Roger Allen

GM, Supply Chain Finance

Roger is responsible for overseeing the development of LSQ’s Supply Chain Finance program. Prior to Roger’s current assignment, he oversaw the company’s client relationships and managed the underwriting, credit, and operations teams.

Darren Noll

Chief Technology Officer

As the Chief Technology Officer, Darren leads LSQ's product and software development, infrastructure, and security teams. He works closely with leaders across LSQ to deliver industry-leading solutions for our clients and partners.

Richard Lee

Chief Risk Officer

As Chief Risk Officer, Richard leads LSQ’s underwriting, credit, data analytics, and purchasing teams.

Craig Castner

National Sales Director

Craig spearheads business development efforts and drives results via a team of internal and external funding solutions specialists.

Luz Hernandez

Chief Accounting Officer

Luz is directly responsible for all facets of accounting and financial reporting, leveraging her 15 years of experience in the discipline.

Bill Samuelson

Head of Operations

As Head of Operations, Bill leads LSQ's client management and engagement activities.

John Teixeira

VP, Marketing

John leads the LSQ marketing team and spearheads the sales and marketing operation efforts at LSQ.

Terry Ragsdale

Chief Financial Officer

Terry is responsible for funding, financial planning, reporting, and managing relationships with investors and financial institutions.

Miguel Serricchio

EVP, Channel & Strategy

As Head of Channel Management & Strategy, Miguel leads LSQ’s efforts to strategically expand its Distribution Channels.

Doug Goldin

General Counsel

Doug heads LSQ's legal department. He has over a decade of broad litigation and in-house counsel experience identifying, prioritizing, and resolving legal and regulatory risk, compliance and managing litigation matters.

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