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Accelerate Payment of Northern Trust Invoices

Get payment of invoices in as soon as 1 business day, for only a small fee per invoice. Enrollment is easy with no credit reviews, liens, or red tape.

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Introduction from Northern Trust

Welcome to LSQ FastTrack. This program lets suppliers get their invoices paid early by our finance partner LSQ. You only pay a small fee upon funding. This program helps our suppliers manage their cash flow, reduce risk and improve payment visibility.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is LSQ?2023-08-01T20:11:47+00:00

LSQ is a leader in working capital finance and payments. LSQ has delivered over $30 billion in funding during its 25 years in business. Learn more at

How much does LSQ FastTrack cost?2023-08-04T14:55:46+00:00

A small fee is applied to each invoice. There are no other costs or fees (enrollment, minimum usage, etc.) that are associated with the program.

Are all invoices automatically paid early?2023-08-01T20:22:17+00:00

Yes, All invoices are automatically paid once they are approved.

Can I choose if I want to be paid early?2023-08-01T20:22:41+00:00

Yes, you can choose early payment through the program or continue to be paid directly from Northern Trust.

How does LSQ FastTrack compare to other financing?2023-08-01T20:29:21+00:00

The program’s rates are comparable or less than many forms of financing such as factoring, ABL, or bank lines. In addition, LSQ provides almost 100% of cash upfront and does not incur any debt.

How does LSQ FastTrack impact our credit risk?2023-08-01T20:30:43+00:00

When invoices are early paid, they are paid by LSQ in as soon as 12 business days after approval, and you close the invoice upon receipt of LSQ’s payment. From there, LSQ takes the credit risk on that invoice.

Does LSQ FastTrack impact credit insurance?2023-08-01T20:31:06+00:00

Depending on your policy, the program could reduce the need for credit insurance since invoices are paid early.



Improve Your Cash Flow and Working Capital

with Early Payments

Sufficient cash flow is the key to keeping businesses productive and financially stable. Unfortunately, many businesses are strapped with long payment terms which limit growth and the ability to take advantage of opportunities. With the LSQ FastTrack Early Payment Program businesses can get the cash they need, at low costs and without taking on debt.

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Get Paid Faster

Eliminate Net terms and get paid in as soon as 1 business day from invoice approval.

Improve Cash Flow

Manage cash flow effectively, allowing for forecasting and growth.

Automatic Payments

Bypass payment terms and receive cash within 1 business day from invoice approval.

Reduce Risks

Never risk getting paid late and have cash on hand to ensure steady operations.

LSQ FastTrack Platform

Getting Paid Has Never Been Easier

Our platform is simple, intuitive, and secure. Receive early payment automatically in as soon as 1 business day from any device.

  • Flexible same-day ACH payments

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How It Works

LSQ FastTrack Early Payment Program

Diagram SCF Suppliers

Step 1

Invoice your customer as usual

Step 2

Your customer approves the invoice(s) and uploads them to LSQ FastTrack

Step 3

Get paid as soon as 1 business day

Step 4

Your customer pays LSQ on the original payment terms


Get Started With LSQ FastTrack

Have questions or want a registration link to start accelerating payments? Reach out to our customer success team using the form below. You can also book a 1on1 meeting with our team at a time that works for you.

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