What is Pay Later?

Empower Businesses With Payment Terms

Pay Later expands the capabilities of Buy Now Pay Later offerings beyond customer checkout to let businesses pay for goods and services from suppliers beyond their original due date without working capital impacts or supplier payment terms extensions.

Improve Conversions

Offering Net terms improves the likelihood of customers purchases by avoiding high credit card fees.

Reduce Risk

Our real-time customer credit engine decides viable Net terms and credit limits for customers.

Strengthen Relationships

Improve the working capital of customers and keep suppliers happy by not extending terms.

How Pay Later Works

Unparalleled Net Terms Flexibility

Customer Pay Later

For customers, pay later works by providing Net payment terms options at the point of purchase. LSQ’s customer credit engine provides real-time credit limits and Net terms options so your customers can pay at Net terms instead of with credit cards.

Supplier Pay Later

For supplier payments, buy Pay Later works similar to supply chain finance, except instead of passing along a payment terms extension to your suppliers LSQ offers you a set payment terms extension on credit. LSQ pays your suppliers on their original Net terms and you pay LSQ at anytime during your payment terms extension window.

Buy Now Pay Later Diagram

Case Studies

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