Supply Chain Finance

Capital That Works For You

Corporate treasury departments want to optimize cash flow by placing suppliers on extended payment terms. LSQ FastTrack™ allows corporates to do this without squeezing their suppliers’ liquidity.

How It Works

Supply Chain Finance


Step 1

Buyer purchases goods from the supplier

Step 2

Supplier sends invoice to the buyer

Step 3

Buyer approves received invoice and uploads to LSQ FastTrack

Step 4

Supplier selects invoice from LSQ FastTrack and is paid in one business day

Step 5

Buyer pays LSQ on agreed terms

Optimize Working Capital

Balance Liquidity with Supplier Health

Extend payment terms to improve your cash conversion cycle without weakening your suppliers financially.

Lower your cost of capital through extended payment terms
Accelerate your suppliers' payments without using your cash
Balance AP cycle with AR turn to improve your balance sheet
Reduce Costs

Improve Cost Efficiency

Earn a return on your payables and lower your cost of capital.

Improve your bottom line with a new revenue stream
No impact on your balance sheet
Reduce your cost of capital
Improve Supplier Relationships

Strengthen Supply Chain

The inefficient flow of capital to the supply chain can have negative consequences for the financial health of suppliers. Provide a Supply Chain Finance program that allows your suppliers to get paid now if that’s when they need it.

Improve supplier cash flow with on-demand payments
Increase resiliency and reduce the risk of supply disruption
Expand supplier diversity

Our Approach to Supply Chain Finance

Unlike most Supply Chain Finance providers, for more than two decades we have cut our teeth providing working capital to thousands of small and medium-sized businesses that reflect the typical corporate supply chain population. We understand their pain points. We used that accumulated knowledge to develop a platform that balances corporate treasury and supplier needs.

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The Long Tail

Less than 20% of the supplier base has access to most Supply Chain programs. We are changing that, making our platform available to the entire supplier population.

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Supplier Enrollment

After more than 20 years of financing suppliers, we get them. We drive Supplier enrollment, provide dedicated client support, and deliver real-time visibility on invoices and payments.

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Simple Implementation

Start without changes to invoice approval or payment processes. We work with our clients to determine the best process for sharing invoice and payment data based on their technology.

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Reliable Cash Flow

FastTrack is not a marketplace model. No bidding, no waiting, no uncertainty, just quick payments and full transparency on invoices paid, fees charged, and invoices still available for early payment.

Supplier Features

Our platform design is simple on purpose. We focused on eliminating the friction suppliers face when navigating traditional Supply Chain Finance products, delivering a straightforward, intuitive experience.

Simple Enrollment

Supplier enrollment takes less than 2 minutes with no liens or credit checks.


Unlike marketplace models, predictability of cash flow and cost is not an issue.

Fast Funding

Suppliers select invoices and get paid within one business day.

Intuitive Experience

Easy-to-use platform, accessible from any device. Suppliers click to select invoices for payment.

Transparent Fees

Suppliers get accelerated payment in exchange for a simple, transparent fee.

Complete AR Solution

LSQ can also accelerate your suppliers' accounts receivable from other non-program buyers.