View Invoice and Payment Status of Powerplay Retail Invoices

LSQ FastTrack provides visibility to the status of both invoices and payments. Your existing invoice process does not change – you will continue to send your invoices directly to Powerplay Retail, just like you do today, and payment remittance will be emailed the day of payment. All that is required is a quick 2 minute online enrollment.

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Introduction from Powerplay Retail

Welcome to LSQ FastTrack. This program lets suppliers get their invoices paid early, or at new terms of their choice, by our finance partner LSQ. You only pay a small fee only if you decide to advance an invoice. This program helps our suppliers control their cash flow, reduce risk and improve payment visibility.

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Have questions or want a registration link to start accelerating payments? Reach out to our supplier success team using the form below. You can also book a 1on1 meeting with our team at a time that works for you.

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