Improve your days sales outstanding

Payment collections for invoice finance is not a debt collection service. By purchasing your receivables through invoice finance, LSQ becomes the recipient of their payments. On average we improve the speed of customer payments (DSO) by 7 days.

Professional collections management

Our professional and courteous team collects invoices for you by sending notices before and after the due date. We will never hassle your customer; if there are issues with payments or delivery of goods and services, we will bring them to your attention.

Transparent invoice reconciliation

Whenever an invoice is collected we will automatically reconcile it with the appropriate invoice we have on file. Our platform provides real-time payment data, check images, and collections reports.

Improve your days sales outstanding
Bridge communication gaps with your customers


Bridge communication gaps with your customers

Invoice finance involves verifying the identity of your customers and their open invoices to ensure the collection of payments. We’ll ensure the accuracy of invoices directly with your customer or through their invoice portal.

Reduce errors and fraud

While misunderstandings and mistakes happen with invoicing, we ensure that your customers understand their invoices, payments terms, and conditions. We’ll help rectify errors to ensure you get paid.

Ensure customer satisfaction

We verify that your customers have received their goods or services. If there are any issues, such as quality or receipt, we will contact you to rectify the situation with your customer.


Streamline Your Payment Collections

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Get Paid Faster

Our payment collections improve days sales outstanding (DSO) by an average of 7 days.

Reduce Invoicing Errors

Invoice verifications reduce invoicing errors and help you monitor customer satisfaction.

Improve Efficiency

Reduce overhead and excess work by utilizing our professional team to handle collections.

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