Strategic Treasurer's 2020 Supply Chain Finance (SCF) and Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC) Analyst Report, is your definitive guide to smart liquidity management in the digital age. The Strategic Treasurer team created this publication with one overarching goal in mind—to equip readers with critical information as they seek answers to complex SCF and CCC questions.

Should my organization adopt a supply chain finance program or a CCC automation solution? If so, which systems offer the functionality mix that my firm requires? Will an implementation be too difficult and disruptive? How do I streamline the process to achieve optimal results? After months of market research and comprehensive data analysis, we’ve compiled this report to help treasury practitioners make more contextually informed decisions regarding technology solutions.

We hope the coverage within, which revolves around current and projected challenges across the industry, will help readers overcome obstacles, enhance treasury operations and improve financial supply chains and cash conversion cycles.

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • An in-depth understanding of the Cash Conversion Cycle (CCC), Procure-to-Pay, and their overlap with Supply Chain Finance (SCF).
  • How to align Treasury, Accounts Recievable, Accounts Payable, procurement, and inventory management initiatives and shared KPIs.
  • How to determine the correct Supply Chain Finance model and what key variables to consider when analyzing solutions.
  • A comprehensive overview LSQ FastTrack, our unified working capital platform that helps buyers and suppliers optimize their working capital.
Strategic Treasurer Report