Invoice Financing

Helping You Get Paid Faster

Large corporates continue to optimize working capital at the expense of their Suppliers. Our invoice financing platform unlocks cash flow trapped in invoices your customers haven’t paid yet. Improved liquidity means not having to choose between tackling new opportunity and making ends meet.

How it works

Invoice Financing


Step 1

You send invoice(s) to your customer as you normally would

Step 2

LSQ purchases the invoice(s) and pays you up to 90% of the original price within 24 hours

Step 3

Your customer pays LSQ, giving you the remainder, minus any fees

We serve any business, regardless of industry or size
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Get Paid Faster

Eliminate Net 30+

Extended payment terms are a challenge for any business. Sufficient cash flow is not optional. Our product is designed to provide convenient access to liquidity and remove the constraints caused by extended payment terms.

Expedited underwriting and onboarding process
Competitive pricing and advance rates
Access to funds same business day
Expand Addressable Market

Access Flexible Capital

We often describe our platform as a time machine. The goal is to provide cost-effective cash flow to maximize opportunity and minimize distractions. Focus your time and resources on growing your business.

Facilities up to $50 Million
No financial covenants or long-term contracts
Debt-free capital source enhances balance sheet health
Make Informed Decisions

Customer Insights

Our credit platform and real-time payment data provide critical insights to avoid potential risks with your customers and unlock avenues for growth.

Insight into the financial health of customers
Track invoice level seasonality, benchmark sales and DSO trends
Dedicated account management and collections support
Our platform

Conquer Your Cash Flow

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Same-Day Funding

Submit new invoices and turn them into cash on the same day.
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24/7 Mobile Access

Access your account anytime, anywhere, from any device.
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Real-Time Reporting

Monitor the performance of your A/R with real-time reporting tools.
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Easy Invoice Uploads

Upload from any device, or take a picture directly from your phone.
Eliminate Net 30+ and start getting paid today.