Improve Your Cash Flow

Factoring is a simple, debt-free way to access the cash tied up in your accounts receivable. 

Factoring is not a loan, so there is no monthly repayment obligation. Instead, by selling your invoices to us, you can bridge the cash flow gap between invoicing and collection without incurring debt. In the process, you effectively turn over the management of your invoices to us, which lets you focus on the business of business, not administering collections.

Factoring with LSQ Funding

Even your best customers may not pay their invoices as quickly as you’d like. Or, maybe you have one or two especially large customers that tap your capital reserve. Factoring can help because it gives you cash based on those receivables as soon as you generate an invoice. Simply select the customers you would like to finance, generate an invoice and send a copy to LSQ. Working capital is always just a phone call or click away.

Factoring can help your business:

  • Support large contracts
  • Strengthen your cash flow
  • Fulfill purchase orders
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts
  • Weather fluctuations in cash flow

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Improve Your Cash Flow

Could factoring help your business grow and thrive? Many companies factor to support large contracts, fill purchase orders, meet payroll or obtain funding for a business with limited credit history.

Is Factoring Right for You?

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Do you know of a business that could benefit from factoring? LSQ accepts accounts receivable financing referrals from banks, banking professionals, brokers, attorneys, accountants and other businesses.

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